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Allan, Mama Vicki, and Patty taking a break from shooting in Vietnam.

Tonight, Patty and I got the pleasure of going out to a spontaneous hibachi dinner with some of our great friends we have made through the Olive Garden.  We had a great experience thanks to our masterfully extroverted chef as well as to the great friends we had around us.  After we got home from our grocery-shopping trip to Hy-Vee we turned on the Oscars to try to catch the end of the awards.

We lucked out as not five-minutes after we turned on the show the category Best Documentary Feature came up.  For those of you who don’t know, we are very interested in starting our own production company someday that specializes in humanitarian documentaries that tell compelling stories that inspire people to action.  As the presenter listed off the nominees we couldn’t help but feel a sense of encouragement and excitement.  Every film nominated had a significant message for the world to hear.  Burma VJ was a nominee about conflicts with journalists in Myanmar during political unrest in 2007. The Cove (which eventually won) was about a hidden cove where dolphins were trapped and killed illegally and Food Inc. is a telling tale of where our food comes from in America.  This was exciting to watch as films that are about significant and serious issues and were getting recognized on an international level.

While it is not Best Picture or Best Actress (nor should it be necessarily) these documentaries were about serious issues and people are watching.  Whether or not these films will inspire change remains to be seen but the fact that films dealing with significant issues are watched and recognized is encouraging.  We are a long ways away from an encounter at the Oscars, and that isn’t even our primary goal, but the fact that it is possible to get these messages of hope and need out to the world is beyond inspiring and almost confirming of our goal as a family, as filmmakers, and as storytellers.


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So after the Revelation Study tonight (which was great) my new friend Jared Foldy and I were standing around talking as usual.  I told him I was going to Olive Garden to get desert and say “hi” to Patty who was closing for the third night in a row and I asked if he would like to join.  After a couple of minutes he agreed and we were off.

While at the OG, Jared mentioned he needed a job and so Patty went to get our manager to try and hook him up with a hosting job.  Things went well, we chatted and gave Patty a hard time before paying and leaving to take Jared back to his car.  This is where the story gets interesting.

On the way back to campus we saw a car with its flashers on. I thought it was abandoned but Jared noticed a man pushing the car, which was still half a mile or so from a gas station on West Boulevard in Columbia.  We decided to turn around and help him push considering it was 15-degrees outside.  When we got to the car and began to push, we noticed there were an infant and a toddler in the back seat of the busted-up Buick. After an agonizing half-mile we got the car into the gas station with exhausted legs and burning lungs. We decided to buy them some gas and 17-gallons later (who knew a Buick could hold 17-gallons) they were good to go.

We got them some coffee and hot chocolate, they took us back to the truck where we said our goodbyes and everyone was back on their way.  I think we both wish we could have done more as they told us how bad they have suffered with the economic downturn.  I guess the best we can do at this point is to pray for them.  Many know I have struggled with my faith recently but all of a sudden it all felt real again.  I know we didn’t do anything for their long term needs but maybe we helped enough to get through today.

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