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Since August…

Hi Friends and Family,

Sorry you haven’t heard anything but radio static from us on here since August. We think it has been a combination of busyness and being in a constant state of transition that has kept us from updating, because we haven’t really been able to process much. Anyway, we apologize and hope to update much more often from here on out.

When we first moved, we were both working at an Olive Garden down here, which was a frustrating and (thankfully) shortlived phase. Allan was working with a non-profit in Dallas called the Vogel Alcove Childcare Center for the Homeless as the focus of his research for his masters project. In November, as Allan finished his masters degree from Mizzou, he received a job offer from NBC5 in Fort Worth. We were totally excited, except for the fact that he was assigned the overnight shift which we have found challenging on multiple levels. However, we were both relieved to not have to work at Olive Garden anymore and excited for the new opportunity. Patty continued working with Allan’s dad’s company, learning the world of branding and marketing. She also works random shifts at a nearby flower shop, which she enjoys immensely.

We had planned on running our second half marathon in November, but we had no idea when we signed up for it that November was going to be so ridiculously crazy, or that it would be too hot to train 75% of time in the 3 months leading up to the race. We were bummed to make the call 2 days ahead of time to not run it, but we knew we had other responsibilities that needed to come first.

We spent Christmas in Peoria, Illinois with Patty’s side of the family, which was snowy, fun, and unfortunately short.

In January we threw a launch party for One:Eight Productions, to announce to close friends and family members that our plan in life is to pursue the vision God gave Allan in 2007 to tell stories that matter through documentaries.

In February we were able to go to Napa, California with Allan’s parents to film his dad giving a speech at the annual Society of Psychologists in Management conference. Even though it was coldish and rainy, the scenery put Texas to shame.

In the first week of March, we found out Patty was accepted to TCU’s master of communication studies program with a full tuition waiver and an offer for a paid teaching assistantship. Needless to say, we are really excited! In the next couple of months, we will be moving to the Fort Worth side of the metroplex so that Patty can be closer to school and so we can be in a more “towny” area. Irving, the area we are living now, is mostly highways, industrial parks, and chain restaurants. For a while, we were considering trying to buy a house, but decided to wait and make sure we like the area and stabilize ourselves a bit before we commit to staying for 5-10 years.

I think that covers most of the big things we’ve encountered/experienced in the last eight months. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon!


Allan and Patty


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