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Hello Friends!

We successfully made it to Texas this past Sunday, after a 12 hour drive from Missouri. Gus thoroughly enjoyed the view from the moving truck window, riding shotgun next to Allan all day, while Patty drove behind in the focus. We were pretty pooped when we got here, but excited to move into our new place and get started with our jobs/internships. Monday morning we went to our apartment complex and got all the paperwork finished for our lease and started moving in. It was 11 o’clock, and already over 100 degrees outside. We had been unloading for about an hour when one of our downstairs neighbors came home and offered to help us unload the truck. He just so happened to be approximately 10 feet tall and super strong, and did more work in 30 minutes than we could have done in 3 hours. We are baking brownies for him and his family as we write this :). So now begins the long task of getting unpacked, but at least we can do that in the air conditioning.

So that’s the 30 second synopsis of our first couple days in Texas.

We thought our Missourian friends would appreciate some pictures of our apartment, even though we have a long way to go getting settled in…

the view from our kitchen window

Patty in our kitchen

living room from the doorway

dining room/area

the hallway, complete with rubbermaid tubs.

our room!

our sad excuse for a bathroom counter... it will get better.

a texas sunset... 6 water towers visible from our window

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! We’ll post more once we get settled in and it actually looks like a home. Lots of love!

Allan and Patty


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